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About Us

Welcome to Univity Enterprises, Inc, a Pittsburgh based consulting firm dedicated to creating a strong relationship with our clients.

Univity is a custom software consulting firm specializing in system integrations and cloud based technologies using the Microsoft stack of development software and tools.

Over the years, our skills have been utilized in a broard range of industries such as Mortgage/Lending services, Incident Management/Emegency Response services, insurance, and more. We leverage our broad range of industry experience to provide the best solutions to meet our clients unique needs. 

Univity strives to solve our clients toughtest integrations projects with long term, reliable solutions.


 Our clients are our partners in any project.  We are in it together and will make the project success a personal matter to us.  Our belief in being partners drives all our values and principles.


 To bring any project to success, you need strong leadership.  We beleive strong leadership skills are all about getting the best of the projects participants and achieving success as a group.


For us, honesty and integrity are not just platitudes.  We live by them.  Our beleif is that even today you can have a successful business run by honesty and trust.


We know communication is the key to the success of any project.  We work to insure you are kept upto date every step of the way.


To best server our clients, continued growth is critcal.  We will always strive to grown in our technical knowledge, as professionals, and as human beings.