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The Cloud and Custom Software Development can reduce your Infrastructure costs!

As your business grows so does your infrastructure budget with every new server and the support it needs.  But does it need to be that way?

Find out how utilizing our custom software development with the cloud can help your business save!

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Univity Enterprises Inc, a custom software development company

What Is Univity?

We are a Pittsburgh based custom software development company and consulting firm.

We love technology! We are passionate about software development and design. Our skills allow us to provide creative solutions to almost any business need. Because we are a smaller firm, we are able to adapt and work with your business to meet almost any need you may have.

Discover how our custom software solutions can help you…

Increase Your Revenue

Increasing revenue is the goal of most businesses. With custom software development, we create a custom system to work the you need and automate many manual processes. This can create significant time savings and decrease costly mistakes. We spend time working with you on understanding and improving your current business processes to create an efficient application architecture that will help you to increase the efficiency of your business and allow you to become more productive.

Reduce Your Expenses

Custom software can help increase your profit margins by reducing your expenses. We can help you by lowering the costs and time of operation, reducing waste, and lower your infrastructure and support needs. By creating custom software solutions that run on Azure in the cloud, we can help your business realize an ongoing infrastructure cost savings.

Become More Adaptable

Are your business needs constantly changing and evolving. Our application architect and software consultants can work with you to understand your business needs and help to build a custom software solution for designed specifically to meet your goals and objectives.  By building a flexible and expandable framework, your new custom system can grow with you and your business for years. By utilizing Azure cloud services, we can help you adapt to system resource needs quickly and efficiently by adding additional resources when you need them the most and reducing them when your not using them all at a moments notice.

Improve Your Disaster Recovery

Need your disaster recover plan to be up and running at a moments notice? Having your software solutions on Azure in the cloud allows you to setup redundant systems in multiple locations, allows your business to always be in operation, no matter the emergency. With full backups and server provisioning, your business systems should never be down.

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What Our Clients Are Saying About Univity

John Davison is a mature and meticulous software developer. I’ve worked with John since 2008 and have never thought twice about sending him into one of my clients. I can count on John to always be professional and take care to ensure the job is done right. John continues to be my first choice to outsource work and to take into larger projects where I need a rock solid .Net. guy.

Joe Vella

Founder & CEO, DIVIUM Consulting, Inc

What we can do for you!

Our software development company provides several service that can help your business perform better.

Custom Software Development & Design

Work the way you want, not how their software tells you to.  We can design and build your own custom software solutions specific to your business needs or make improvements to your existing system.


Application Maintenance

Did you get left high and dry by another freelance consultant or software development company? Our software consultants can take over and not only get you back on track but keep you there too.


Business Process Analysis

Not sure why your profits are not higher?  Many times there are several inefficiencies in the daily operation of your company. Our consultants can work with you to identify these areas for improvement and how our custom software solutions can improve your business processes.


Business Consulting

Not sure what your plans should be for the future? Our software consultants can work with you to identify areas of improvement and help you build your technology plans for the next year or even five years.


User Experience Design

Never underestimate the power of a well planned user experience. Out team can help you provide a quality and efficient user experience that will keep your users coming back for more.


Database Design & Management

Data is the heart of any business application. Don’t let poor data design and management give your business a coronary. Our software consultants can help analyze your database performance and monitor it for any issues that may occur and provide solutions to any problem that may arise.


Team Development

Is your IT team falling apart or non-existent? Utilize our years of leadership and management experience to build and improve your team of software consultants that can help take your business to new levels.

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