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Does Your Website Look Outdated?

We can give your website the facelift it needs.  Univity uses proven and up to date technology to provide you with a great small business website design. All easily maintainable for your business at an affordable price.

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What Is Univity?

We are a Veteran owned Pittsburgh based business specializing in Small Business Website Design & Ecommerce Website Development.

We enjoy designing new websites. It is why we are in business.  But what we really love is how happy our clients are when they see their new website design and the bill.  A good small business marketing website does not have to be expensive.  That is what we believe at Univity.

Univity Specializes in Small Business Website Design & Ecommerce Website Development

Is Your Small Busniess Experiencing Any Of These Challenges?


Is Your Web Presence Non-Existent?

Not even having a website is frowned upon these days and looks bad for your business.  With our small business website design services, we can create you an amazing and up to date website with all the content necessary to get your business the web presence it deserves. All easily maintainable by you or your designated webmaster.

Does Your Website Look Like a 90's Relic?

Does your website still look like it is in Geocities?  A lot has changed since those day and you need to get caught up.  Having an outdated and unmaintained website may be worse than not having one at all! If you don’t care about how your business website looks, what will your potential clients think?  Let us help your small business with a modern and responsive design.

Have Products to Sell but no Store?

If you have products to sell but now store front online, then our ecommerce website development services are critical for your business success.  With online sales booming, can you afford not to be selling online?

Is Your Presence Not Very Mobile?

If your site is not mobile ready, you are missing out on potential opportunities.  With mobile viewers generating over 50 percent of the web traffic now, you can’t afford to have a non-responsive website.  All our small business webite design and ecommerce website development services are built to be responsive and mobile friendly!

Ready to get started?

It never hurts to talk!  And talking is cheap, FREE to be exact.  So give us a call today.  I think you will find our prices are very competitive and we won’t hound you should you decide we are not the right fit.

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What Univity Can Do For You!

A Clean, Sleek, and Modern Design!

We utilize the latest techniques and premium themes to create a beautiful, modern, and professional small business website design.

Responsive so You are Mobile Ready!

When we build a website for your small business, we ensure they are mobile friendly.  Your website will alway look clean and professional on your potential clients no matter the size of their device.

Get a Shopping Cart that is Ready to be Filled!

Get ready to sell your products and services to your growing list of clientele with ease.  Our ecommerce website development services will get your ready to sell fast!


SEO Ready

All our sites are SEO optimized and ready for success with Google and other search engines.  Our small business website designs have never been penalized by Google!

Rankable Keywords!

We spend time researching to find your small business the best keywords for ranking success!

No Cookie Cutter Content!

We have all content for your website custom written.  We do not use content generators or plagiarize from any other sites.  This helps reduce the risk of being penalized by the search engines and improve you business’s authority online.

So what are your waiting for?

Give us a call now.  We can help you evaluate what is right for you and your business.  The call and quote is FREE so what can it hurt to contact us today!

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