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We Are System Integration Specialists

Our custom software solutions can help integrate your business like you never believed possible.

What Is Univity?

We are a Veteran owned software consulting firm in  Pittsburgh specializing in system integrations through the creation of custom software solutions.

Univity Specializes in Small Business Website Design & Ecommerce Website Development

We Can Make Your Business Better!

Improved Business Efficiency

When your systems are all sharing information with each other, you can cut out those uneccessary manual step and focus on the things that really matter.


Keep All Your Systems On The Same Page

There is nothing more troublesome than when you have two different sets of information.  When systems are integrated correctly, they can keep each other upto date or rely on one system as the point of truth.

Reduce The Human Errors

Cutting out the middle man can litteraly save you time and money by eliminating the slower and error riddled processes people tend to be prone to during repetative procedures. 


What Our Clients Have To Say

John is a mature and meticulous software developer. I’ve worked with John since 2008 and have never thought twice about sending him into one of my clients. I can count on John to always be professional and take care to ensure the job is done right. John continues to be my first choice to outsource work and to take into larger projects where I need a rock solid .Net. guy.

Joe Vella
Divium Consulting, Inc.

What Univity Can Do For You!

We Are Your Sytem Integration Specialist

Whether you need to connect two system, load data from a third party, or parse and import an EDI file,  we have the experience to solve any system integration need.

Custom Software Solutions Designed For You!

Not only can we connect your system, we can centralize how you view an manage your information. Whether you need a simple portal where you can view your data together or a new way to run you business, our development experience is just what your business needs.

Out Of The Box Thinking!

While some focus on specific industries, we feel our broad range of industry experience is a benefit.  Our work in industires like mortgages, emergency response, medical, insurance, and others provides an expanded base of experience to offer solutions that industry focused companies may not consider.

So What Are Your Waiting For?

Give us a call now.  We can help you evaluate what is right for you and your business.  The call and consultation is FREE so what can it hurt to contact us today!

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